About the event

This conference, held in Leeds on 11 March 2016, will offer a unique opportunity for those attending to:

  • Reflect on the lessons learned from Rotherham
  • Hear from those with direct knowledge of practice responses to CSE in the town
  • Find out about some of the models of good practice that have developed since across the UK, as well as identifying some of the areas still requiring consideration
  • Hear from survivors and their families, and how they have contributed to the development of policy and procedures across the UK

Coming of the Darkness is the concept of Adele Gladman and Jayne Senior, who worked with issues of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham

Jayne was the manager of the specialist CSE service, the Risky Business Project in Rotherham for 12 years and is currently the Chief Executive of Swinton Lock. She has contributed to several inquiries and investigations into Rotherham and continues to work closely with those affected by issues of CSE

Adele worked on a Home Office funded research and development pilot working with issues of CSE and practice responses in Rotherham 2000-2002. Now an independent safeguarding children consultant, she works across the UK delivering a range of services including training for practitioners; independent inspections, audits and reports; and undertaking reviews using the Child Practice Review model

Adele and Jayne have spent many years trying to influence practice responses to CSE. After contributing to several inquiries and investigations, both wanted to host an event that brought together some of the key players in identifying and raising awareness of the issues in Rotherham. The speakers on this event reflect a range of expertise, which will enable those attending to reflect on the mistakes of the past, but to look at the positive work and practice development that has taken place since the publication of the Jay report of 2014

Adele and Jayne are pleased to have such a calibre of confirmed speakers, most with personal experience of practice in Rotherham. They feel privileged to also have involvement and contributions from a group of survivors and family members of victims of CSE in Rotherham

The conference will be held on 11 March 2016 in Leeds
Early bird offer until 31 January 2016 and reduced rate for voluntary and charitable organisations

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